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Zelen Shoes is your one stop shop for all things shoe related. We currently have a wide variety of shoes, shoe laces, sandals, flip-flops, boots and socks. We carry the top brands at the best possible price and offer what we consider to be the best shipping policy on the market. Even though shoes are the forefront of our business, we’ve been working on other aspects of our business as well. We wholesale shoe laces to a plethora of people, organizations and events. We offer everything from branded pink shoe laces for breast cancer fundraisers to red shoe laces for blood donor drives. But Zelen Shoes doesn’t stop there. We’re always adding new brands to our arsenal while trying to maintain a high quality of customer service. Our easy to use website makes browsing a breeze. We even offer a serious selection of wholesale custom shoes.

Zelen Shoes has been growing since we first began, and we show no sign of stopping now. We plan to continue our goal of providing comfortable, affordable footwear with the best customer service, while expanding our brand across the lower mainland and even the rest of Canada. Eventually, we plan on growing to a point where we can purchase the Vancouver Canucks. We dream big here at Zelen Shoes. We’re in the business of keeping our head in the clouds while making sure that your feet are planted comfortably on the ground.

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